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Approximately 93 nm east of Miami, Florida along all the major shipping routes.

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Carnival Elation

Carnival Elation

Major works included steel fabrication of sponsons and ducktail (approx. 360 tons of new steel installed). New cabin blocks on deck 14 and internal staircase extension from deck 12 – deck 14; new balconies on deck 14 forward in way of new cabin block. Structural modifications of upper deck in way of waterpark. Fabrication and installation of the deck insert to close existing pool. Fabrication and installation of (foundations for slide supports, stoppers for the shutdown lanes, insert to strengthen portside corner of deck 12). Mast modifications included structural modifications on deck 14 ‘store’ section to be removed and replaced with pillars.  Full hull blasting to flat bottom, vertical sides and boot top. Stabilizers provided and installed by GBSL. Hull anode replacement (10kg AL anodes for hull seachests, scrubber seachest, crossovers and forward tunnel thrusters). Approx. 136 AL anodes supplied by GBSL and 192 installed by GBSL (56 anodes and azipods supplied by ABB). Mechanical works included (Aizpods: slewing bearings change-out, propeller removal and machining of slewing bearings). Thruster overhauls extend stabilizers and replace seals

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