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Approximately 93 nm east of Miami, Florida along all the major shipping routes.

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Jerliza Williams-Stubbs

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Strategically located approximately 93 nm east of Miami, Florida along all the major shipping routes.


Our floating dry-docks have a lifting capacity 45,000+ tonnes. Capable of docking vessels up to 300 m (985 ft). 2 x wingwall cranes with a maximum capacity of 40 tonne @ 59m elevation above pontoon deck and 1 x crane with a maximum 18 tonne @ 88m elevation above pontoon deck.


1Km of deep water berth with water depth of 14m. Cranes and other logistical support are available at each berth. Shoreside Cranes have a maximum capacity of 64 tonne @ quayside and maximum capacity of 32 tonne @ 12.5m from quayside with a maximum elevation above MLW of 82m


Getting Things Done

Right The First Time

Our extensive on-site, dedicated workshop can service the following needs:

Steel and Aluminum Fabrication

Pipe Fabrication

Mechanical for machining and equipment overhauls

Electrical with rewind capabilities with baking ovens

LNG Clean Room for pump and valve overhaul

Clean Room for thruster overhaul

Fully serviced, dedicated area for Life Boat and Tender Repairs