Electric Motor Overhaul

Grand Bahama Shipyard Limited has the capacity to overhaul and rewind electric motors in the ranges noted below.

Overhaul process includes, but is not limited to: motor removal from the vessel, transportation to the workshop, stripping of the motor in the workshop, solvent cleaning of rotor and stator, coating with insulation varnish and oven baking.

Re-winding will be done with round wire and for 3-phase motor stators to class F insulation.

Motor will be subject to a Megger Test, once approved, then the motor will be re-assembled, tested, returned and installed on the vessel.




≤ 10

11 to 50

51 to 100

101 to 150

151 to 200

≤ 7.5

8 to 37

38 to 75

76 to 112

113 to 149

For enquiries and bookings please contact:
Alandka Julien, Sales Administrator +1 242 350-4071 / ajulien@gbshipyard.com