Crowley Marine Services Inc. ‘Barge 750-3’

Crowley Marine Services Inc. ‘Barge 750-3’ is a 25,239 tonnes, 600 meters barge that entered Dry Dock 2 on May 19, 2017 for an extensive 21-day work period.

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‘Barge 750-3’ works included sea chest inspection, maintenance with HP wash followed by painting with owner supplied paint; anode inspection, cleaning and replacement with owner supplied AL bolted type anodes, sea valves inspected, repaired and replaced 23 valves. Cargo system PV and cargo system relief valve overhauls. Flex joint renewed; removed and replaced ballast pumps. 14 Ballast tanks cleaned. Installed carbon steel sch. 80 pipe crossover line for both ballast water and cooling water systems. Crane repair included removing and replacing the winches, wires and sheaves from both deck cranes. Hull treatment included HP wash, WJ4 spot blast and UHP spot blast to bilge tangent to the water line and to water line to top of bulkwark. Coating included two coats of anti-corrosive.

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