Grand Bahama Shipyard Limited is located within the Bahamian Archipelago in The Atlantic Ocean, just off the Coast of Florida. The Yard resides within the Freeport Free Zone on Grand Bahama Island, and is strategically located on major shipping routes from Europe to the Eastern Seaboard of The United States, into the Gulf of Mexico and throughout The Caribbean. The expansion of the Panama Canal now affords opportunity from the Pacific, Asia and the Far East.

Excellent Climate with Sheltered Deep Water Harbor

With average channel depth of 16 m leading to a basin at the yard with average of 20 m depth including four trenches each 24 m deep to enable underwater thruster removal.

No height restrictions affect the dry-docks and pier, but aviation flight path to the Grand Bahama International Airport limits height restrictions on the North and East Beach Wharfs to vessels of 110 m (355 feet) air draft.