• Wilhelmsen Ship Management LTD-USA ‘Seaboard Atlantic’

Wilhemsen Ship Management LTD-USA ‘Seaboard Atlantic’

Wilhelmsen Ship Management LTD-USA ‘Seaboard Atlantic’ is a 8,273 tonnes, 140 m  Container Ship that entered Dry Dock No. 1 on Sunday, May 8, 2016 for a 8-day work period.

  • Client:Wilhelmsen Ship Management LTD-USA
  • Skills: Steel Work, Mechanical, Painting and Blasting
  • Website: www.wilhelmsen.com

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General maintenance services were carried out throughout the vessel.

Over 6300 m² of UHP hull treatment was done to the vessel’s vertical sides, flat bottom and freeboard. Coats of Anti-corrosive (AC) were applied.

Propellers and rudders repaired, bow thrusters and shaft seal overhauled.

Conventional propulsion systems were overhauled, including the dismantling and repair of the propellers.

Hatch cover maintenance performed.

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