Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ‘Grandeur of the Seas’

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line  ‘Grandeur of the Seas’ is a 73,817 tonnes, 279 m cruise vessel that entered Dry Dock No. 3 on  April 26, 2017 for a 15-days work period.

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General dry docking services included ballast water connection, potable water, technical, boiler and cooling water, compressed air supply, shore power, disposal of grey/black water and disposal of sludge and oily bilge water.

Stern tube seals changed (owners supplied technician) and bow thruster overhauls.

Approximately 1.4 tons of AH36 steel repaired.

Pipe works included renewals to RO overboards, AC penetrations, boiler down penetration, swimming pool outlet, brine overboard full renewal, grey water overboard flange, vent line modification, grey/black overboard flange, bilge piston pump spool pipe, bilge piston pump overboard and valve access pipes (approximately 9.9 meters).

Hull treatment included HP/LP Wash to flat bottom, vertical sides and boot top (6,440m²); WJ2 full blast to flat bottom, vertical sides and boot top (9100m²) and spot blast to topsides (1100m²). Coating included (2) touch up coats to topsides (1100m²); (3) full coats to flat bottom, (4) full coats to vertical sides and boot top; (2) full coats to topsides (15,600m²).

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