OSM Ship Management ‘Viking Princess’

OSM Ship Management ‘Viking Princess’ a 9,827 tonnes, 117 meters vehicle carrier/container ship, entered Dry Dock No. 1 on November 3, 2016 for a 12-day work period.

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General dry docking maintenance services included gangways (2), fire main water line, cooling water, compressed air supply, shore electric power supply, fresh water supply, and ballast water.

Repaired port rudder by replacing rudder bush and repairing bush housing.

Erected and dismantled propeller and tail shaft, performed dye penetrant crack test on blade tips and cleaned and polished propeller blades (5) on one propeller.

Sea valve overhaul to (45) valves.

Hull treatment included full HP wash to 5,900m²; blasting on Flat bottom using Waterjet robotics (480m²); vertical bottom (700m²), topside lower (450m²), topside upper (280m²). (2) Touch up coats (Annti-corrosive) applied to 640m² of flat bottom; vertical bottom (840m²) topside lower (600m²), and topside upper (420m²). (2) Full coats of Silicone and Anti-fouling coating applied to approximately (1600m²) flat bottom and (1400m²) vertical bottom; (1) full coat of Anti-corrosive to (1500m²) topside lower, and (1400m²) topside upper.

Fabricated and fitted bow thruster tunnel gratings, replaced engine sea water main pipe (fabricated and renewed 3 sections approximately 5.5m using galvanized steel). Fabricated and renewed No.1 and No. 2 generator engine sea water inlet pipe (approximately 2m).

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