Minerva Marine Inc. ‘Minerva Lydia’

Minerva Marine Inc. ‘Minerva Lydia’ is a 28,799 tonnes, 180 meters products tanker that entered the North Pier on March 19, 2017 for a 2-week work period.

Website: www.minervamarine.com

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Minor wet berth services included electric power supply and fire line.

Main engine overhaul (crankshaft deflection and machining).

Minerva Marine Inc.

Minerva Marine Inc. was established in 1996 by Andreas J. Martinos and to this day remains a private and independent company.

Minerva quickly grew from a tanker manager of 6 vessels to the committed Aframax operational leader that it is today. Minerva has further expanded its operations to include, from MRs to VLCCs (Chemical Product and crude oil carriers) in the tanker segment, and Capesize in the bulker segment.

Today, Minerva has established business with all major oil companies, while it has grown into a valued ice partner for most of the Baltic charterers. The company continues to engage in new business partnerships, having the customers’ ever-changing needs always at the forefront.

source: http://www.minervamarine.com/

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