Disney Cruise Line ‘Fantasy’

Disney Cruise Line ‘Fantasy’ is a 73,817 tonnes, 279 m cruise vessel that entered Dry Dock No. 3 on  April 26, 2017 for a 15-days work period.

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General dry docking services included oily bilge, cooling water system and discharge connections.

Hull treatment included aluminum anode replacement throughout hull, thrusters and rudders (approximately 334 anodes).

Propeller maintenance included partial removal of shafts, port and starboard propeller access, removal and refitting of port and starboard propellers, removal and replacing of starboard hub and cosmetic polish to propellers. Rudder inspection and thordon bearing inspection.

Stabilzer and thruster overhauls.

Lifeboat load tests.

Hull treatment included HP wash to flat bottom, boot top and topside (26,850m²). WJ2 spot blast to boot top and topside (800m²). LP wash to boot top and topside (2,850m²). Coating included (2) touch up coats of anti-corrosive to flat bottom and topsides (1500m²); (1) touch up coat of anti-corrosive to boot top and (2) touch up coats to topsides (500m²); (1) full coat of anti-fouling to flat bottom (15,000m²) (2) full coats of anti-corrosive to boot top and topsides (2,850m²).

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