Crowley Marine Services Inc. ‘Tug Liberty’

Crowley Marine Services Inc. ‘Tug Liberty’ is a 2,164 tonnes, 148 meters tug that entered Dry Dock 2 on May 19, 2017 for an extensive 21 day work period.

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‘Tug Liberty’ received sea chest cleaning and inspection; sea valve inspection, repair and replacement of approx. 23 valves. Water jetting of overboard/suction piping using UHP jet hull penetration with blaster wands and rotary heads. Sea bay cleaning and inspection; hull anodes removal and renewal of approx. 90 anodes. CPP propeller cleaning and inspection. Tail shaft overhaul to include the removal, inspection and repairs; rudder removal and reinstallation. Potable water tank and fuel tanks cleaned. Structural modifications to bulkhead at frame 62 below main deck using approx. 2.1 tonnes grade A steel. Hull treatment included HP/LP wash followed by a full coat of anti-fouling on underwater hull and a full coat of anti-corrosive to the water line to top of bulwark.

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