Carnival Cruise Lines ‘Breeze’

Carnival Cruise Lines ‘Breeze’  128,052 tonnes, 306 meters  cruise ship entered  Dry Dock No. 2 on April 18, 2017 for a 11-day work period.


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General dry docking services included potable water, ballast water, cooling water, compressed air, electrical power, bilge water, grey water, sewage connection and sludge removal and disposal.

Hull treatment included HP/LP wash and UHP blast to flat bottom, vertical sides, boot top and top sides (14,978m²).
Coating (provided by Hempel) included 2 full coats of anti-corrosive and (2) full coats of Silicon to flat bottom, vertical sides and boot top (12,978m²), topside received (2) full coats of anti-corrosive and (1) full coat of enamel (2,000m²).

Thruster (3 bow thrusters, (2) stern thrusters) and stabilizer overhauls.

Becker rudder refit, main shaft seal refit and propeller overhauls (removed / replace (2) propellers).

ADG (provided structural reinforcements, supplied insulation, hoisted new ADG deckhouse on deck 15, welded foundation to deck.

Scrubber installation (removed and fitted new sea chest and new overboards), this included approximately (1.6meters) of pipe work.

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